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How To Buy Things on Amazon without a Credit Card

How To Buy Things on Amazon without a Credit Card,

Amazon is a worldwide department store for almost everything you want to own, but what if you prefer paying any way except through a credit card? Can you do this? Hey, it’s Amazon and you virtually call the shots even when paying for merchandise, so yes, it is possible!

Buy anything, name your price, and Amazon does the rest.

Here’s how to buy things on Amazon without using a credit card:

1. Sign up or register for an account. There are no fees involved when you sign up or register. If you already have an existing account then you don’t have to register for a new one.

2. Choose what you want to purchase from a wide array of items – new, refurbished, collectibles – at reasonable and competitive prices.

3. Check your orders. The link is provided on your account for you to view and manage your orders. After viewing your orders, you must proceed to the “Order ID” tab where you can see the “Order Number” containing your name, address, and contact number.  Proceed to the “Order Details” page for additional information that was not included in the “Order Number” link.

4. Identify and provide your shipping locations and shipping options. These should include all local shipping selections just in case you have more than one home address.

5. Confirm if the information that you provided is correct.

6. Easy steps for payment as provided in the Amazon website:

  • Choose the debit card option provided by your Visa or MasterCard. Simply supply the account number, your full name, and the card’s expiration date.
  • You may also send in a check, a money order, or a cashier’s check when paying for your purchases using a system-generated Amazon address. You are given 30 days to complete the transaction before this becomes stale prompting Amazon to cancel it out. Please note that your payment has to be received by Amazon before shipping out your purchases.
  • Request for an Amazon gift card or gift certificate to pay for your purchases. This is simple, fast, and easy since it only involves entering the code that’s stated on the gift card or gift certificate.
  • Choose to pay cash by transferring funds from your bank or checking account to Amazon. You will need to supply the necessary information to successfully transfer funds to pay for your purchases. Furthermore, you must have an active U.S. Checking Account to make this an effective option for you.
  • The last and final option for you would be to ask your friend’s permission about using her credit card.

7. Prepare to receive your item from Amazon

Amazon guarantees a payment system that protects the buyer’s privacy and security. Once your online purchase has been completed, expect fast and easy turnaround from order placement to delivery taking place in two days at most. You don’t have to worry about privacy or security issues as the people behind Amazon take great pains to keep your account number and payment/refund details secure and safe. Furthermore, each transaction is covered by its Security Guarantee.

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