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How To Find Online Resources for Stay at Home Moms

How To Find Online Resources for Stay at Home Moms,

Because stay at home moms can feel isolated at home, it is important to seek support from friends and family to keep a link to the outside world. Since the advent of the Internet, it is now even easier to forge that link. The Internet has many resources right there at a stay at home mom's fingertips to keep her mind alert and engaged with adult subjects, while giving her a place to discuss all of the parenting issues that come up.

  1. Search the terms "stay at home mom" and "SAHM." This is an acronym for stay at home mom, and opens up a wide variety of resources. There will be many different types of stay at home mom sites, many oriented to specific groups of stay at home moms, such as religious, ecologically minded, frugal, etc. Searching by your special interests can turn up online resources, such as CatholicMom.
  2. Browse the major websites that cater to stay at home mothers. There are several large websites that cover different facets of being a stay at home mom. A few of the better-known sites are Club Mom, which a large website with regular articles pertaining to staying at home and parenting, and mothers can answer other moms' questions. Main Street Mom is another large site that caters to moms with parenting articles, discussion boards, and it also has a section to find and arrange playgroups. 4MomsAtHome offers articles, discussion groups and it also has a large coupon section to find coupons pertaining to homes and families. MommySavers is a site dedicated to helping stay at home moms find bargains and live for less money.
  3. Find meetups. There are also a few sites dedicated to getting moms together in real life. SAHM.Meetup offers meetup groups for stay at home mothers in cities and towns across the country, and allows you to organize a meetup group in your area if there is not one already.
  4. Find work at work at home mom sites. For many stay at home mothers, in order to be able to stay at home, they must find ways to make money from home. There are many sites dedicated to helping stay at home mothers find work at home opportunities, offering information about companies to work for and discussion groups to help moms get started. One of the best of these sites is WAHM. This includes many forums for work at home moms to find ways to make money without having to arrange for childcare.

  • Don't give out too much personal information online, especially regarding children.
Quick Tips:
  • To join in any discussion groups, you will usually have to register with the website.
Useful Links:
  • Meetups for stay at home moms
  • Main Street Mom
  • 4MomsAtHome
  • Club Mom
  • Mommy Savers
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