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How To Get Careers in Cyber Crime Detection

How To Get Careers in Cyber Crime Detection,
How To Get Careers in Cyber Crime Detection
How To Get Careers in Cyber Crime Detection

Have you ever fantasized about becoming a detective, but didn't want to get caught in any potential danger? There is now a way to fulfill your dreams of physically safe law enforcement - and that's through a career in cyber crime detection. Over the last few years, businesses have lost billions of dollars to computer-related criminal activity, and as a cyber gumshoe, you'll be responsible for catching the culprits responsible for the crimes.

Internet crime is serious business, and new computer laws and crime laws have been created in order to prevent any legal offenses. Cyber crimes, such as identity theft and credit fraud, cause incredible trouble for the individuals affected. You may have heard stories of someone's bank account suddenly being emptied due to the actions of a hacker. You've probably read articles of scam artists victimizing innocent people looking for jobs online. Computer crime has become so rampant, that it's even the focus of an animated series, Investigator 7.

Because of the great amount of Internet fraud and other crimes going on online, there are numerous careers available in cyber crime detection. They typically fall under four categories:

  1. Computer Forensics Analyst. Think of this career track as CSI for cyber crime. As a computer forensics analyst, you'll be gathering data that's been stored electronically. You'll often find data that's encrypted on various digital media as well. You can use the data to uncover clues and information regarding a suspected Internet criminal. The information you'll retrieve will be used as evidence in court hearings and investigations into cyber crime. Computer forensics analysts can also work for large corporations. Their services are often required to monitor the computer activities of the company's employees. This helps the company ensure that nothing illegal is taking place on the company's server.
  2. Cyber Crime Security Engineer. Because of the increased incidence of Internet crime, the need for cyber crime security engineers is a lot more pressing these days. As one of these professionals, you'll be studying network logs, emails, electronic documents and other computer records to find any evidence of computer crime being practiced. You'll be backed by legal warrants to search these records, and possibly will be backed by other law enforcement agents.
  3. Digital Forensics Consultant. As a digital forensics consultant, you'll be called upon for your expertise in operating systems, database management, programming languages and software. You'll help your clients understand just how they can become vulnerable to cyber crime, and what measures they can take to address those issues. You'll be giving advice on how to make your clients' systems a lot more secure against Internet crime.
  4. Cyber Crime Police. Quite literally, you'll be taking on the role of a police officer in cyberspace. As a cyber crime police officer, you'll be using different investigation techniques to identify and track down criminal activity taking place online. You'll have the ability to thoroughly examine any system in question, especially those suspected of being used in cyber crime. You'll be able to trace those responsible for Internet fraud, identity theft, virus creation, and even electronic financial embezzlement. If you want to bring criminals to justice, this is the career path for you.

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