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How To Make Elegant Wedding Invitations at Home

How To Make Elegant Wedding Invitations at Home,

You can make beautiful wedding invitations at home so you can channel your wedding budget into other important stuff like flowers, catering, reception venue, and of course, your all-important wedding ensemble.

Several months before your wedding, you should already be sending out a “Save-the-Date” wedding invitation prior to your “real” wedding invitation.

Your “Save-the-Date” wedding invitation can be sent out via a non-traditional platform called social media. Since a wedding eats a chunk of your savings and nest egg, you should be able to tap and maximize the availability of this platform. Just compose your message with your pre-nuptial photos, post it on your Facebook, Myspace, or email account and send it to your network of friends and relatives. You can also use your cell phone to send picture messages along with your text message for this purpose.

Now that that’s done, you can buckle down to making your own elegant wedding invitation. The basic set included in a wedding invitation is your Invitation which tells your guests about your wedding details, the RSVP or Response Card which will allow your guests to tell you if they will or won’t be at your wedding, a Reception Card which directs guests on a different location separate from the wedding ceremony, and lastly, a Map Card which gives your guests clear directions on getting to your wedding ceremony and reception venues.

You will need the following:

  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler with a straight edge
  • Pencil
  • Clear paper glue
  • 81/2 x 11 sheet of wedding paper that you will be using for printing
  • Two sheets of two-tone decorative paper
  • A set of matching envelopes
  • Bow/Ribbon
  • Pre-nuptial photos (recommended but optional)
  • Stamp

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Print your wedding details on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of wedding paper.
  2. After printing, place your wedding paper on the paper cutter and start trimming the edges and cutting the invitation in half at the center.
  3. After cutting the invitation piece, you should have two pieces of wedding paper in your hands.
  4. Take the sheets of decorative paper, take your ruler and pencil to measure it against the wedding paper then cut it to form the middle and top backing on your wedding paper. Then, glue these to the back of your invitation. You now have the paper where you have your wedding details on and two decorative sheets as backing to make it pretty.
  5. Take the set of matching envelopes and use it as your paper to print your guest’s name and address. Use the Calligraphy typeface for this purpose.
  6. When you’re done, line your envelope with the same decorative sheets of paper by tracing its shape with a pencil and cutting it just wee bit smaller so it easily slides into the opening of the envelope.
  7. Once your lining is inside the envelope, take your glue and glue the decorative paper to the flap of the envelope.
  8. Finally, after placing your invitation inside the envelope, you can use a pretty ribbon or bow and you’re all set to send these to your guests!

Congratulations on your wedding day!

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