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How To Make Money for Charity Recycling Juice Pouches

How To Make Money for Charity Recycling Juice Pouches,

Juice pouches are made by the billions each year. Since they don’t decompose and turn into helpful fertilizer, they  accumulate as harmful trash. You can help reduce pollution and earn money for charity by recycling these juice pouches.

  • Form a team. Recycling juice pouches is easier when done in a group rather than done alone. Look for people who are interested in your cause. Announce your intent of recycling to raise money for charity. Ask schools, organizations, companies, and communities if there are people who are interested in helping out.
  • Find charities to help. There are plenty of charities who may benefit from the money. If you don’t know a charity, look for them and know what they do until you find some that you like to help. Discuss with your team members about the charities they are interested in.  Also, these charities may have people who’ll cooperate in your recycling efforts. Inform them about your intent.
  • Organize your efforts. The work is composed of the following: advertising, collecting the juice pouches, grouping them, recycling them, selling them, managing people, managing the workflow etc. List down all you have to do and assign responsibilities to different people.
  • Collect juice pouches. Go around and find juice pouches in schools and areas with plenty of people. Put up signs that encourage people to give you their empty juice pouches. Places to go to are schools, public places, and during events. You can also go door-to-door and tell people to collect juice pouches and give them to you.
  • Find ways to recycle juice pouches. The material that juice pouches are made of is similar to strong, metallic fabric. Because of this, there are countless of ways to transform these pouches into useable products. Juice pouches may be cut into desired shapes, sewn and glued together, decorated, and combined with other items. Juice pouches may be turned into wallets, bags, containers, ornaments, works of art, and so on. Brainstorm among yourselves about what to make. Use your creativity, resourcefulness and imagination. It’s helpful if you have artistic people with you.
  • Sell your products. There are plenty of people who are willing to reduce pollution and help a charity. Make money for charity by selling your products to these people, as well as to those who want to try something different or have cheap yet durable items.
  • Find organizations who buy juice pouches. Organizations who are environment-conscious often buy recyclable items, including juice pouches. An example is TerraCycle. Go to their website at Look for the drink pouch brigade and register. Select the charity you prefer. If the charity is not listed, submit the tax identification number of the charity. After a few weeks, bags are sent to your address. Fill each bag with 100 juice pouches, and mail them to the address given to you in the website. For every juice pouch you give, there is 1-2 cents given to the charity you’ve chosen during registration.

Recycling, making money, and giving to charity are rewarding by themselves. Combined, they are extra fulfilling. Have fun with friends while doing something valuable.

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