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How To Predict Gender with the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

How To Predict Gender with the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar,
How To Predict Gender with the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar
How To Predict Gender with the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is used to forecast the gender of your child. It is based on inputting the mother's age and the month your baby was conceived. Some consider this free gender predictor to be 99 percent accurate, though most reports say it yields correct results only half of the time. Basically, it can be one of those games to play, especially if you are waiting until birth to discover your baby's gender.

The Chinese pregnancy calendar was found in a tomb near Beijing and is currently at the Institute of Science in Beijing. There is a catch to the calendar though; the numbers you enter must subscribe to the ancient Chinese birth calendar, based on lunar and solar cycles (making it a lunisolar calendar). The Western calendar is based on solar cycles only. 

The following will help you use a Chinese pregnancy calendar:

  1. Find a Chinese pregnancy calendar on the web or in a book. Remember, however, many of the websites that allow you to enter in your age and the conception month don't tell you the numbers must be based on the Chinese calendar, which is different from the Western calendar. 
  2. Note your age. According to the Chinese, you are already one year old the day you were born, which means you have to add one year onto your Western age to get your Chinese age. Depending on the date of Chinese New Year, you may have to add two years onto your Western age. This is a complex and confusing idea, since the Chinese New Year is held on different days each year (like Easter or Thanksgiving). A website that converts your Western age to a Chinese age may be your best bet.
  3. Note your baby's conception month. Again, your baby's conception month is based on the Chinese calendar, not the Western calendar. Trying to compare the two is very confusing and there are a lot of misconceptions about how they compare. Perhaps the most confusing aspect of the Chinese calendar is its use of leap years (when an extra, "intercalary" month is added to keep the lunisolar calendar more consistent with the solar calendar). If you really want to know more about the Chinese calendar as compared to the Western calendar, I've included links that may help you. The best way to find your baby's conception month is to use a conversion chart or a website that will convert months for you.

  • Many websites have incorrect information regarding the Chinese pregnancy calendar.
Quick Tips:
  • You must calculate your baby's conception month based on the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • You must calculate your age based on your Chinese age.
Useful Links:
  • Lunar Month Conversion Website
  • Chinese Age Conversion Website
  • The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar
  • The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar
  • Western Chinese Calendar Conversion
  • Wikipedia. org (information about the Chinese calendar)
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