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How To Run to Lose Weight

How To Run to Lose Weight,

Running may sound simple enough and most often it is the preferred way of losing weight since it need not be expensive and you do not have to have access to exercise machines. You can run on the treadmill and yet you can also run in the parks. All you need to have is a water bottle to keep you hydrated, comfortable and good running shoes, comfortable clothing that lets your body breathe well and sometimes, even some music to help you keep going. With just some determination and even some jogging buddies (jogging in groups motivates people to finish a routine), you should be on your way to a more fit body. Just follow the tips below so that you will definitely run safe and sound.

  • Do some stretching first. You need to condition your body first by doing some warm up stretching exercises. Stretch your legs to the side and to your back, focusing on your calves since you do not want them cramping up in the middle of a run. Make sure you also rotate your ankles well and your arms so that they are flexible enough when you do start your routine.
  • Beginning at a slower pace. To avoid shocking your body, make sure you are starting at a slower pace so that you have time to adjust to the movement. Run at this pace for about 2 minutes or so and then gradually speed it up until you are roughly at 2.5 miles an hour rate.
  • Maintaining your pace. When you have sped it up, keep your pace at a comfortable level. Your jogging pace should not strain you and should be something that you can maintain for a good 10 minutes or so. If you are running on a treadmill then slowly raise the incline as you go which will help you burn more calories as you run.
  • Shuffling it up. So that your jogging routine will not be monotonous, shake it up by doing some brisk running and slower, more relaxed walks in between. On a treadmill, mix up the incline every 5 minutes or so just so that you are not bored with running continuously.

One of the best ways to keep you entertained is to run with a group of friends. You can even have a competition. You can also do some leisurely running when you have your portable music player with you. Having music next to you can greatly increase your calorie burning ability. Just keep yourself well hydrated by stopping for water breaks every 10 minutes or so. Do not forget to get some ample rest and recover well the next day. Do not strain yourself and check your shoes if they are still in good condition. Remember that no matter how many miles you run if you are running on bad shoes, this will do you more harm than good. You need good support and good absorbency when you put pressure on your legs. Keep your knees bent at all times so that you do not strain them and give them a nice ice pack in case they are too tired. This will help you relax your muscles after a tiring run.

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