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How To Use Google Video

How To Use Google Video,

What is Google Video?
Google Video is a free service just like YouTube where you can watch and upload your own videos.

Where can you find Google Video?
To find Google video you will have to go to

How do you find and watch a specific video?
To find a specific video, simply search for its name. Let's try finding a video about how to use Google Video. Go to the search option and write in "how to use Google video" and press search. Now you should see a list of videos with a picture. Simply choose one of the videos and press on the image or text. Now the video should start loading on the right side of the web page.

How do you adjust the video performance?
You can turn on/off the volume by pressing the little speaker icon. By holding over that icon, you will also be able to adjust the sound. On the right side of the speaker icon you will see a square icon. If you press that icon, the video will switch to full screen. To get out of full-screen mode, press the escape button. You can also pause/resume the video by pressing the "play and pause" icon.

How can you rate videos on Google Video?
First go back to the main page of Google Video. Simply try to press on one of the "How videos." As before, it should start playing on the right side of the site. Under the video you should see a "rate" option. There you will be able to rate the video by giving it 1 to 5 stars.

What are some other functions on Google Video?
If your watching a video on the right side of Google Video and press on the name of the video, you should be redirected to This is because Google owns both Google Video and YouTube. Some of the videos will open in a Web site called "metacafe" too.

Google Video is fine if you want to quickly search for a video. It's also very useful if you have a slow Internet connection and/or computer because it loads faster than YouTube and most other online video services. That said, I prefer YouTube as it's much easier to manage. You can't really compare Google Video and YouTube though. Google Video is searching the whole Web for videos matching your desired search instead of just searching in their own database. Often that will give a humongous amount of related videos. Therefore, be very specific while searching Google Video.

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